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Pregnancy Chiropractic

Give yourself a healthier pregnancy and your baby a healthier start by visiting pregnancy chiropractor Dr. Luciann Moyher at Dallas Chiropractic in Dallas, GA.

Benefits of Visiting a Pregnancy Chiropractor

Pregnancy is a blessing, but it can come with some bumps in the road – typically in the form of aches, pains, and nausea. Below, Dr. Moyher and the team at Dallas Chiropractic in Dallas, GA, share a few facts about visiting a pregnancy chiropractor, including how it can help reduce or eliminate these symptoms.

It’s Safe

One of the biggest concerns pregnant moms have about visiting a chiropractor is whether it’s safe for the baby. Chiropractors who work with pregnant women specialize in treatments that are safe for mom and the little one. This includes adjustments without the twisting and turning motions, soft tissue techniques like chiropractic massage therapy, and more.

It Relieves Various Aches, Pains, and Symptoms

Pregnancy can impact the musculoskeletal system. As the body adapts, it shifts to make space, and it loosens up in preparation for delivery. As the baby gets heavier, the lower back often pushes forward. All of this can lead to spinal misalignment, herniated discs, nerve compression, tension, and more.

Pregnancy chiropractic care helps restore alignment and relieve tension and strain. It also removes pressure from the nerves, resulting in reduced pain, swelling, nausea, and other symptoms.

You Can Enjoy More Restful Sleep

Your body is hard at work caring for your baby and getting ready to bring them into the world. It needs rest, but that rest can be hard to come by when you’re in pain or your nervous system isn’t functioning properly. Pregnancy chiropractic care helps eliminate the sources of pain and discomfort and improves nerve function so that you can get the rest you deserve.

It Can Even Make the Delivery Process Smoother

Delivery often goes longer than intended, as the pelvic area has become misaligned during pregnancy. Not only does this lead to more pain and suffering for mom but also makes the journey rougher for the baby.

The Webster Technique helps to restore alignment to the pelvis, which leads to less pain and a shorter delivery. Additionally, it helps create the necessary space for the baby to turn into proper birth position, reducing the likelihood of a C-section.

Get back to enjoying the journey by visiting your Dr. Moyher at Dallas Chiropractic – your pregnancy chiropractor in Dallas, GA. Call (770) 445-4600 to schedule an appointment today.

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