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Welcome to Dallas Chiropractic! We've been caring for the community's chiropractic needs for over 50 years and we have an impeccable reputation based on the compassionate, professional care we provide.

Under the leadership of Dr. Luciann Moyher, a chiropractor who has been running the practice for 28 years, we strive to love, to give, and serve our patients and our community. Everyone who comes to our practice is treated as though they are family and we utilize our decades of experience and our combined knowledge to do everything we can to help every patient seeking the care of a chiropractor, to the absolute best of our ability.

In addition to providing our patients with exceptional care, we are proud to educate all of our patients on how to leverage the medical care they receive from our chiropractor and teach them how to practice their own preventative care and wellness routines to help elevate their wellness to an exceptional level. 

Our areas of specialty include back and neck pain, pediatric concerns including ear aches, chronic joint conditions, and injuries from auto accidents.

Each patient will be given a thorough consultation when they visit our practice. The doctor will develop an individualized treatment plan catering to each patient's issues and problem areas. X-rays or other diagnostic tests will likely be performed so that the extent of the patient's spine misalignment can be accurately identified and diagnosed. The number of visits and frequency of treatment will be determined on a case by case basis with the goal of helping the patient get back to their optimal level of mobility, health, and wellness, as well as relieving any pain or symptoms they may be experiencing. 

We offer manual adjustments as well as the use of low force chiropractic instruments for adjusting. Additionally, we offer traction, trigger point therapy, laser therapy, massage, ultrasound, and muscle stimulation.

If you live in the Dallas, GA area and you are looking for an established, respected, and knowledgeable chiropractor, we are the practice for you! Call us today to set up a consultation.

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